Welcome to your new campaign!

Hi, welcome to the extremely experimental SATT campaign that is ESSfS, or Cyber-Chaos.

A Brief overview of the setting:

The world has been overpopulated for years and technology has advanced into the realms of Virtual Reality. Society in the “real” world has all but collasped and all social interacts happen on the virtual world, with most of the population never setting foot outside. Life sustaining pods allow users to life in VR without care for their physical bodies.

The Hub, or Virtual World, is made of many massive worlds. There are real life simulators, ranging from historical to modern day, gaming and roleplaying worlds created from the richest fantasy and grittiest science fiction themes and many more.

About the party:

It is in a gaming world that you players frequent, think MMO style. You are a band of adventurers that are trying to make your name in the world, get famous, money etc. You hear rumours of a glitch in the game, one that could be used to your advantage…


This campaign is based around getting you player experience with as many different systems as possible to give you a thorough look at some of the things SATT has to offer, so hopefully you’ll enjoy it :D.

To start with we’ll be using the system DnD 4th Edition for the setting of the MMO.
Other systems I shall be using include Shadowrun, WoD, Savage Worlds, Pokemon, Unknown Armies, Serenity etc..

At the end of each system I’ll give you a choice and description of the different systems coming up and you can choose the one you like the sound of best.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me

Hope you enjoy this campaign

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